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Motor Neurone Disease / ALS | Regaining Movement, Mobility and Hope.

Most clients diagnosed with MND/ALS* come to us with little hope, often having only experienced decline and loss of mobility / movement. Many have seen a number of other practitioners who haven’t been able to help. Based on the clinical outlook and lack of success other practitioners were having, we were initially uncertain if we would be able to create meaningful change for clients with MND.

Having now worked with a substantial number of MND clients (MND has become the most common condition we work with, closely followed by Multiple Sclerosis) we are one of the few clinics that are confident that it is possible to improve movement, mobility, muscle response and strength with ALS. If you haven't already, we advise taking a look at our Instagram feed and MND highlight reels, which show the experiences of many clients we have achieved success with.

Some of the symptoms we work commonly with are:

  • Hand / finger movement and fine motor skills

  • Standing, getting up and down, transfering

  • Walking

  • Upper limb function

  • Muscle function - restoring muscle response, strength and sensation

  • Toe and feet movement

  • Circulation

  • Breathing

  • Voice (this we have found to be one of the most challenging symptoms)

  • Facial muscle response and control

Our Approach

We utilise two advanced technologies (direct current stimulation and non-thermal laser) and our unique methodology (the APEX NEURO method) to achieve industry-leading results for ALS rehabilitation. Unlike most electrostimulation devices (which use alternating current), we work with a specific device which delivers direct current stimulation. Direct current can aid in neuroplasticity and can improve the efficiency and speed of signal transmission from affected nerves to the targeted muscles.

Our method allows us to better understand where brain and nerve-muscle communication may be disrupted. We can then deliver targeted stimulation to those areas to help “unlock” previously lost or weakened movement patterns. Over time, we can strengthen these patterns aiming to restore function. This process, known as neuromuscular re-education, is powerful for those with MND, helping with movement, strength, muscle control and sensation (you can see this in action on our instagram @apexneuro).

Each client is different, so we prioritise what will be most impactful to the individual. We speak to all new clients via a phone consultation prior to booking to better understand your symptoms and begin setting goals for working together.

Our Outlook

We have a very different outlook than most other practitioners, having seen first-hand what our methodology and cutting-edge technologies can achieve. Our approach is highly personalised to each individual -- as MND differs so much person to person, we believe 'cookie cutter' approaches simply don't work. We treat every client as a blank slate. Despite what you’ve been told by other practitioners, we are often able to achieve what others deem “impossible”.

Assisted by the technologies we use, rehab progress can be substantially faster than traditional approaches. The devices we use can aid the body in generating more power, both in the muscles and at the cell level (increasing ATP), improving the function of the mitochondria.

Case Study

Ania reached out to us on behalf of her Dad, who was diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease. His main symptoms included: chronic pain in his upper body, holding a lot of tension in his neck and back. Loss of upper limb function, particularly on one side. Lower back pain. Gradually reduced mobility and stability. Muscle loss. Major fatigue. Having seen countless different practitioners and specialists, he had repeatedly been told there was ‘nothing they could do’ and to stop trying to use his primarily affected arm.

Our first sessions consisted of reducing the pain in his upper body and lower back, releasing tight and over-worked muscles and improving his range of motion. By the end of the first month together, the pain was significantly decreased and the fatigue started to lift.

We began moving into more active rehabilitation — wired up to the Neubie — we started working on strengthening his walking, stability and ability to generate power. The video below shows where he started, and how quickly we saw drastic change (there is just 1 week between the clips!) Over the course of a few weeks, he was able to push and pull a weighted sled (going from 0 to 40kg in a week), performing strong weighted squats and stepping up and down off increasingly higher blocks. We continue to see changes weekly!

UPDATE: Roman's progress since month 2

  • Continues to build strength and stability in the lower body. Able to go for a walk with his wife and use a stationary bike. Continues to hit personal bests during training.

  • Visibly improved muscle mass.

  • The arm that previously was unable to move above the head, is now able to do so with some assistance. Can shoulder press and hold weight overhead.

  • Posture greatly improved - no longer has rounded shoulders and stopped posture.

  • Energy is improved.

Quote from Ania

“My dad has MND and for years we’ve heard there is nothing we can do to help or at least slow the progression. Those guys can prove you wrong. They have spent so much time researching my dad’s condition and just bearing with him, showing the progress he is making. My dad has a reason to get up and leave the house now and he is looking forward to each session. Thank you for giving me my dad back, you are amazing 🫶🏻””

We are often asked - is it safe?

This treatment has no known side effects and is typically well tolerated, although it can’t be used by people who are pregnant, have cancer or have a cardiac pacemaker. It’s been clinically researched and FDA-cleared (the FDA regulates the sale of medical devices and monitors the safety of all regulated medical products in the US) for reducing spasticity and muscle wastage, increasing range of motion, neuromuscular re-education, and for the treatment of spasms, and acute and chronic pain.

IMPORTANT: Our approach does not cure the underlying disease. We work with the symptoms of the disease aiming to improve quality of life, independence and mobility.

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The information, including but not limited to, text, graphics, images and other material contained on this website are for informational purposes only. No material on this site is intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Consult your healthcare provider or medical advisor if you are seeking medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.

*We use both MND and ALS as we have clients from the UK, Europe and the USA who use different terminology


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