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Stopping Seizures, Restoring Hand Function and Walking Rehabilitation | Functional Neurological Disorder.

Many people diagnosed with FND are told 'there is nothing that can be done', despite the profound impact FND has on their life. In our experience, this couldn't be further from the truth. We find FND to be one of the fastest responding conditions we work with, often with significant results from the first session (see our work with FND on instagram). We use non-invasive approaches to help individuals with FND stand, walk, hold objects and move their hands/fingers, feed themselves, and are able to significantly reduce pain and seizures (in many cases, stopping seizures altogether).

Case Study | Functional Neurological Disorder

Alyssa (diagnosed with Functional Neurological Disorder 4 years ago) was losing her independence as she struggled with daily tasks, including standing, walking and feeding herself. As a mother of 2 young children, daily life was extremely challenging. She was desperate to be able to hold her son in her arms without her legs collapsing from under her.

She was experiencing frequent seizures and often in significant pain. She described a constant weakness/heaviness in her arms, and was unable to lift them, which meant she needed help with daily tasks like drying her hair. Her hand was locked into a fist, which impeded her ability to hold items and fine motor skills. The sensory feedback in her hands and fingers was greatly reduced (i.e couldn't feel her son's skin).

She had been waiting years for help, only to be told there was no funding to support her, and neurologists had suggested her route forward was a wheelchair. Traditional physio had made very little difference.

"I was diagnosed with FND 4 years ago, it took my confidence, my independence and the person I was. I have always been determined but more recently after being told if my falls and way of life continued then the only way forward was to be in a wheelchair."

By our third session (6hr total treatment) Alyssa was able to get up from sitting, and stand completely unaided, including with closed eyes (watch videos here) (and here)

Our Achievements with Alyssa (so far)...

  • Hand which was permanently contracted into a fist is released and has maintained a relaxed position, now able to hold objects such as cutlery

  • Foot which was permanently cramped has released, able to now weight bear

  • Dramatic reduction in neck and shoulder pain, now able to move arms out to the side and overhead (including the motion to hold a hairbrush and tie her hair)

  • No seizures after our first session (previously as frequent as every other day)

  • Able to hold cutlery, no longer needs partner to cut her own food, can feed herself without weighted cutlery is able to eat out at restaurants (watch here)

  • Able to wiggle her toes which were previously inactive/non responsive

  • Able to now voluntarily contract and feel each of her lower body muscles (essential foundation for standing and walking)

  • Can now feel her son's skin, previously had little sensory feedback in hands/fingers

  • Able to get up unassisted from seat, and stand unaided (including with closed eyes)

  • UPDATE: Alyssa was able to walk, holding onto Rob's hand, for the first time in 4 years!

Our main goal for the coming weeks will be to progress from standing to walking, while we build on the progress we've made already with Alyssa's arm and shoulder range of motion to allow her to be able to do daily tasks, such as using a hairdryer. An important part of our process will be helping Alyssa regain confidence, giving her reassurance as her body becomes capable of moving in ways it hasn't for a number of years.

Quotes from Alyssa

"I was diagnosed with FND 4 years ago, it took my confidence, my independence & the person I was. I have always been determined but more recently after being told if my falls and way of life continued then the only way forward was to be in a wheel chair. At 31 years old with 2 young children & a partner I was struggling to be the mum & fiancee I wanted to be. Apex were recommended to me through a friend who's family use them. At first I was very sceptical, for 4 years I've been told by numerous neurologists that nothing can be done so how was it going to change?! I had a phone call with Sarah who has the patience of a saint & just a few weeks later I started. All I have to say is WOW I wish I'd have found Sarah & Rob sooner, their knowledge, patience, caring way and all round approach made me feel very comfortable & confident that something could change. Just a couple of sessions in my seizures have reduced, my pain has gone & my abilities are already so much more. Not only have Sarah & Rob changed my life they also saved it. Thank you, I'll forever be in your debt!"

"Yesterday I was able to feel how soft my sons skin was for the first time in a VERY long time. I've been able to sit and eat breakfast with my youngest son, it's most definitely the smallest things that make such a huge difference!"

"Today I took a massive step of courage and went out for dinner practising putting into place feeding myself and being able to hold my cutlery! I cried my way through but this time happy tears! For the first time in years I've managed to eat some food without being assisted, you have no idea how much this means to me, you guys are just incredible. For the FIRST time in 4 years I've eaten a roast dinner, all by myself with NO weighted cutlery!"

"Absolutely life changing. We can't thank you two enough." (Alyssa's fiance).

We are often asked - is it safe?

This treatment has no known side effects and is typically well tolerated, although it can’t be used by people who are pregnant, have cancer or have a cardiac pacemaker. It’s been clinically researched and FDA-cleared (the FDA regulates the sale of medical devices and monitors the safety of all regulated medical products in the US) for reducing spasticity and muscle wastage, increasing range of motion, neuromuscular re-education, and for the treatment of spasms, and acute and chronic pain.

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