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Using Electricity to Treat MS Symptoms | The Power of Direct Current for Multiple Sclerosis.

Following their success treating athletes using electrical stimulation, Rob and Sarah, the founders of APEX NEURO, discovered the power of direct current to help those affected by MS.

Direct Current for Multiple Sclerosis

Unlike most electrostimulation devices (which use alternating current), we work with a unique device (the Neubie) which delivers direct current stimulation. Because direct current is a similar type of signal to that which the nervous system uses, it can promote neuroplasticity, the process by which the brain ‘rewires’ itself in response to new inputs. This process, known as neuromuscular re- education, is a powerful tool to help those affected by Multiple Sclerosis regain function, strength, muscle control and sensation.

Direct current stimulation can improve the efficiency and speed of signal transmission from affected nerves to the targeted muscles. Using feedback from the device, we can begin to identify areas of the body where nerve-muscle communication is disrupted. We then deliver targeted stimulation to those areas which can ’unlock’ previously lost or weakened movement patterns (you can see this in action on our instagram page @apexneuro).

Despite there being 260+ providers in the US, we are the first and only practitioners in the UK to provide this approach.

Our Approach in Action

Case Study: After discovering the Neubie through Dr Terry Wahls, Joe* had been waiting for a practitioner in the UK for over 2 years. His main symptoms included: pain and spasticity in legs and calves. Fluctuating weakness in legs (made worse by stress or physical exertion). His strength and stamina had decreased considerably, leading to muscle wastage. After work, was often physically drained and found it hard to exercise or do manual tasks.

When Joe started working with us, we focused first on reducing the pain and spasticity in his calves and legs as this was most impactful to his daily life. Once the pain had significantly decreased, we wired up to the Neubie and moved onto physical training. We started the neuromuscular re-education process to improve the communication between his brain and body. He began rebuilding lost strength. He was able to increase the weights he had previously been training with drastically. We often find that our MS clients can do far more than they thought possible when training with the Neubie!

To manage fatigue, we ended each session with a ‘master reset’ protocol - passing electrical

signals from the cervical spine to the feet, stimulating the vagus nerve and the autonomic nervous system, calming the nervous system for enhanced recovery. Before working with us, Joe’s legs would become so shaky that he would have difficulty getting from the gym to his car. Despite him doing much more in our sessions, this protocol allowed him to walk with ease, giving him the security to push harder without the fear of his legs becoming weak.

Practitioner in a black t-shirt using electrical stimulation device

Quote from Joe

“Allowing hope to those who had lost hope. Having investigated the benefits of the Neufit device (the Neubie) and treatment following countless positive testimonials in the U.S, I was thrilled to discover it was finally available in the UK. The treatment is definitely helping me and I trust both of them [Sarah and Rob - founders of APEX NEURO] implicitly with my care and progress. A groundbreaking treatment in very caring, safe and knowledgeable hands!!”

Joe not only continues to get stronger, is rebuilding muscle and has significantly reduced pain, but now has the energy and motivation to do physical tasks after work. In our last session he announced (with a huge smile on his face) “I actually wanted to wash the car after work!”

Is it Safe?

We are often asked - is it safe? This treatment has no known side effects and is typically well tolerated, although it can’t be used by people who are pregnant, have cancer or have a cardiac pacemaker. It’s been clinically researched and FDA-cleared (the FDA regulates the sale of medical devices and monitors the safety of all regulated medical products in the US) for reducing spasticity and muscle wastage, increasing range of motion, neuromuscular re-education, and for the treatment of spasms, and acute and chronic pain.

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